9.6.05  Fr. Darin Didier died on September 6, 2005 at the age of 32 following a lengthy struggle with cancer. His ordination Mass had been celebrated only three months earlier, June 4, at the Cathedral of St. Mary in Fargo, ND. read more.....

From those who knew him.....

Father Lombardi's perspective 
Rebecca Showalter wrote this article highlighting Father Lobardi's perspective on Father Darin's funeral mass and reflected on how other's viewed the life of Father Darin.

Father Jack - Rest in Peace
Father Jack reflects on the life of Father Darin Didier. "Real Men Love Mary and Prayer: Fr Didier was, above all, a man of spirituality and frequent conversation with God and the Virgin. I often saw him carrying a Rosary and walking briskly around Mary's Grotto-praying! He would run and pray, and sit in the chapel before the Blessed Sacrament. He made his life a prayer, an offering and continual communion with God and Mary…How can you pray more like this man?"

Living next to a Saint
Father Greg reviews a child's view of Father Darin's life - "So that's what a seminarian is supposed to be like!"

From his father's perspective

Maybe we could place an image of Father' Darin with Len
Maybe in one of your letters, you could reference the letter from the Bishop you received, Darin's letter labeled, "Dear Friends" and the Novena or other important things that really cannot be categorized in the main menu system above. - (then I could supply a link to those files. This would be a great spot for those.

From his Mother's Perspective

Maybe we could place an image of Father Darin with Bonnie? This is text about Bonnies perspective about her son.